Thursday, May 9, 2013

Memento Nora

I don't know why but lately I seem to have only picked up books with really strong female leads...go figure!  Anyway, what's wrong with a good dystopian with a female lead?  And speaking of dystopians, let me introduce another great quick summer read for those of you that can't get enough of this dystopian genre, Memento Nora by Angie Simbert.

Memento Nora takes place in the not-so-distant future (and this is one dystopian where the future world is a believable one, not one run by zombies or aliens or where society is a compound with desolate areas).  Nora is your average teenage girl who loves to shop and witnesses a bookstore bombing and in this society when something horrible happens the people visit a Therapeutic Forgetting Center (TFC) to take a pill and put those bad memories behind them.  When at the TFC Nora notices classmate, Micah spit out his pill and Nora decides to do the same and does this change her life!  

Nora's spur of the moment decision takes her on a dangerous roller coaster of a journey where she meets new friends Micah and Winter and together they start a comic, Memento (remember in latin) to document their stories and spread the truth.  This (like many things) catches like wildfire at school and beyond to the community.   All of the sudden, people are after them, either to silence them or erase their memories and the truth might not set them free.  What will happen next?  Will they find their way to the Big Pill and erase their memories forever?

This is a great weekend read that really has it all!  The story is believable and exciting with really well written characters and interesting plot turns.  It's short enough that you could pick it up for a flight or a trip to the beach or even some reading material for the bus.  You won't be disappointed.  

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