Hi All, I'm Josie and I LOOOOOVE to read (and travel although that's secondary to this blog) but I'm guessing you've all figured out by now.  My absolute favorite thing is to really fall for a book and get completely lost and consumed by it!  I've mainly lived in the PNW for my entire life until just recently I moved to sunny Denver, CO and live here with my hubs and our pup (Eugie) and kitty (Ami).  I traded my suburban home and hammock for city living but I still find time and quiet places to read.  I mostly read within the YA genre though I do venture into middle grade and adult from time to time. 

I created this blog a while back and it originally started out as a book club of sorts because my friends were all spread around the country.  We adored our book club and talking about what we loved and who we had FEELS and swooned over, but alas life happened and our banter back and forth became more and more infrequent so, I thought I'd carry on the torch and shoot my current reads and thoughts out into the abyss that is the INTERNET (lucky you)! :-)

So here I am.  A girl with a blog and a hunger for books and adventure.  Lover of travel and technology.  Friend to all animals (except for spiders).  Constant overachiever and addictive personality. Here are my thoughts. Take them as you will. 

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