Monday, May 13, 2013


If you want a read that really does live up to all the hype, you should pick up Legend by Marie Lu.  I must say, for a long while I was very skeptical - the cover art was not provoking or interesting to me (yes, I am definitely a "judge a book by the cover" kind of person) and it's written in a dual point of view style that I often feel is jarring and disconnecting.  Let me say, however, that this book should not be judged by the cover and the alternating points of view really work in this case and really allows you to dive into each character's story.  

Legend really pulls you in from the get-go.  There's not a huge amount of backstory - in fact there isn't any.  The reader dives headfirst into the story and current action and you don't come up for a breath until the very end.  This fast paced adventure really hooks you in and takes you on an amazing journey of family, beliefs, determination and love.  

We meet our two leads: Day and June who are both really fascinating and interesting characters.  They both have their points of view and are both extremely intelligent and loyal to family.  They are, in fact, so similar that besides the fact that they are on differing sides of the economic spectrum it is clear that their paths will eventually end up colliding.  Day, is a 15-year old living in the poorest sector of the Republic while June was raised in the wealthiest area and given every advantage.  Their paths cross when June's only living relative, her older brother,  is killed during a hospital break-in by Day trying to secure medication for his dying brother.  The hunt is on for Day as the Military uses June's exceptional tracking intelligence and thirst for her brother's revenge.  June soon realizes that not all is as she has been told as she personally dives back into her brother's files.

Overall: the setting is well told and fairly believable, the characters (even the secondary characters) are exceptionally written, the love story is OK, and the plot is incredibly fast-paced and gripping.  Definitely lives up to all the hype!  

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