Monday, May 6, 2013

Beta (Annex, #1)

Have you ever awoken from a bad dream only to later realize you're still inside a dream?  Well that's where it seems Elysia is in Beta by Rachel Cohn.  Unlike most dystopia YA books, Beta opens in an almost utopian society Demesne, playground for the wealthy and elite.  Elysia is a beautiful, first generation (BETA) teenage clone, designed to serve as a perfect family member - plaything for the other teens and perfect "replacement" daughter for her new owners.  

Everything is going along perfectly until Elysia starts having "emotions" and "feelings," something that souless clones should not have.  Could she be a defect?  Will they come after her?  Is she alone?  The answer, is no.  She is not alone in her feelings.  Other clones on the island are feeling rebellious and there is revolution on the minds of many.  Who can be trusted?  

Beta, is a very well-written novel and Rachel Cohn's style is a fast-paced page turner, laced with humor, a little romance, unexpected plot twists and suspense.  There is a HUGE revelation at the end of the book and I CANNOT wait for the next in the series!  

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