Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ender's Game

In honor of the movie trailer release (finally) of the Ender Game movie, here is a quick review of one of my all-time favorite books to date, Ender's Game (Ender, Book 1) by Orson Scott Card!

In a world at war with aliens (Buggers), 6 year old genius, Ender Wiggin is possibly their best hope at survival.  Ender lives in a time where children are bred to be intelligent and then the best of the best are sent to train to become soldiers.  Ender's older siblings, Peter and Valentine look to be good candidates but instead Ender is the chosen one for Battle School.  Things weren't easy for him at home with his brothers sadistic behavior but neither is it very pleasant at school where he is one of the youngest and smallest and brightest boys resulting in great rivalries and alienation. 

As Ender advances he begins to know all too well that it is lonely at the top.  He also starts to battle within himself with the fear that he continues to become more and more like the brother he swore he was nothing like.  Will he be able to overcome his obstacles and save Earth?  Will he be what his superiors need?  What the world needs?  What he needs?

This books is excellently written and really pulls the reader into the story.  Each and every character has a story to tell and the ending will floor you!  Let it be said, that this is a book about children but not for children.  There are definitely some graphic scenes.

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