Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Social Code

Not all that glitters is gold in the Sillicon Valley and that rings true with Sadie Hayes' new novel, The Social Code (The Start-Up #1).  The Social Code reveals a fast-paced, engaging and tech-savvy read that showcases the dark side of the Sillicon Valley.  What's better than an underdog story where maybe for once, truth and smarts can prevail?  

This is a story about twins who come from nothing and create for themselves a future to make up for their past, but will the past catch up to them?  Adam and Amelia were foster children who are incredibly close and have a fierce love for one another who are awarded scholarship to attend the prestigious Stanford University.  Amelia is instantly built up as the lab-loving/techy/nerdy one of the two who is borderline brilliant and has caught the eyes and attention of the Silicon Valley's leaders.  Adam on the other hand, has enough ambition for the both of them.  He is the catalyst that shoots the pair of them on this thrilling adventure where life just might catch up to them and fame and fortune might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Hayes does a masterful job world, plot and character building (the perfect trifecta) throughout her novel.  All of the characters are so accurately portrayed that I felt as if I were in conversation with the nerds in the computer lab and then the next moment at the lavish parties of the powerful tycoons.  Also laced throughout the novel are elements of true friendship, love, lust, and of course betrayal and deceit.  Hayes weaves these themes with the use of multiple POVs, which really worked in this case.  It was wonderful to get the 360 view of the story from all of the angles.  I think we each have a part of every character that lives within our personalities (the idealist, the protector, the driven, the hungry, the lover, etc).

I will warn that this book is guaranteed to leave you with a huge cliffhanger that will have you thirsting for more.  How long, you ask, will we have to wait for #2?  Not that long at all!  The Next Big Thing (The Start-Up, #2) debuts November 26th, 2013!  So add this to your shelf today and get ready for #2!  You wont be disappointed!

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