Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Wowza!  If you’re looking for an tale of courage, adventure, a dystopian era of mutation and manimals and a hit of attraction and love, then pick up InHuman (Fetch #1) by Kat Falls today!   Falls weaves together a horrifically beautiful story of bravery and love that will keep readers guessing until the very end.  You will not want to put this down and when you turn that last page, you will thirst for more!

Summary courtesy of Goodreads:

In a world ravaged by mutation, a teenage girl must travel into the forbidden Savage Zone to recover lost artifacts or her father’s life is forfeit.
America has been ravaged by a war that has left the eastern half of the country riddled with mutation. Many of the people there exhibit varying degrees of animal traits. Even the plantlife has gone feral.
Crossing from west to east is supposed to be forbidden, but sometimes it’s necessary. Some enter the Savage Zone to provide humanitarian relief. Sixteen-year-old Lane’s father goes there to retrieve lost artifacts—he is a Fetch. It’s a dangerous life, but rewarding—until he’s caught.
Desperate to save her father, Lane agrees to complete his latest job. That means leaving behind her life of comfort and risking life and limb—and her very DNA—in the Savage Zone. But she’s not alone. In order to complete her objective, Lane strikes a deal with handsome, roguish Rafe. In exchange for his help as a guide, Lane is supposed to sneak him back west. But though Rafe doesn’t exhibit any signs of “manimal” mutation, he’s hardly civilized . . . and he may not be trustworthy

Who wouldn’t want to read about an ordinary girl who breaks boundaries and expectations as she falls into a world that seemed only scary bedtime stories but ended up being more real than she would ever guess?  Falls builds amazing characters who each have their own story of perseverance, heart and survival.  I personally loved Lane’s story!  She is a girl like any of us, having her friends, going to parties and wrapped up in what others think of her or how she might appear (addicted to hand sanitizer).  Then her life shifts and instead of cowering or crying, she takes action and really steps up to stand up for herself and her beliefs.  This is an excellent coming of age story where our heroine really takes life by the horns and demands notice.  Even the secondary characters add unexpected depth to the already rich landscape. 

Falls also excels at building a rather believable and heart wrenching love triangle.  I know, I know, ANOTHER love triangle?!   It’s been done time and time again, but really, I fell for the two boys.  I mean what girl doesn’t love a choice?  Both Rafe (selfish and rugged) and Everson (upstanding, book smart soldier) are incredible young men…incredible but total polar opposites!  The relationship between Rafe and Lane starts off rocky and I honestly really enjoyed the witty banter back and forth, I mean who loves a guy who just falls into your lap.  There is definitely something to be said for the boy who has a rough exterior that takes a while to break into…but let me tell you, once you break that tough outer shell, you are rewarded with discoveries of the past and a love that goes beyond attraction…a love that has been in the making for years.  You can start swooning now!

The pace of this novel is fast, which makes this a quick read.  Perfect for a commute or a beach day or a weekend away.  Add this to your to read list today and hang on tight through this thrilling ride!  This might be the first Kat Falls book but I will definitely be reading more in the future! 

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