Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Prince: A Selection Novella

As we're gearing up for the release for The Elite (the second novel in the Selection Series) in less than a week (April 23rd, 2013) , I thought I would provide a quick review on The Prince: A Selection Novella (HarperTeen Impulse) by Kiera Cass.  This novella was recently released and is a prequel of sorts to The Selection.  So for those of you who chomping at the bit, this is a quick read that is a great addition to the trilogy.

This short read really takes us into the mind of Prince Maxon.  In fact, the whole novella is written from his point of view. It was great to read about his feelings, anxieties and hopes. It was so refreshing to get the opposite point of view.  The final chapters in The Prince are actually running in tandem with the Selection.  As usual, Kiera took us to a different world that sometimes feels all too similar to the one we live in today. If you're on the fence, just know this is a great quick companion to the Selection, and is worth the read!

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