Thursday, April 18, 2013

Need to Read: Shades of Earth (An Across the Universe Novel)

So, I know usually I post about YA books I have read, but I also want to share that along with Kiera Cass' The Elite coming out soon, that I also am really looking forward to the third book in the Across the Universe Trilogy, Shades of Earth: An Across the Universe Novel by Beth Revis.  

The Across the Universe trilogy is a YA Dystopian murder mystery novel with of course, some love thrown in for good measure and a strong female character that has a world that needs saving.  The first two books take place on a spaceship, Godspeed where the wealthy and useful individuals have cryogenically frozen themselves for a 300 year trek to re-populate and settle their species on Centauri-Earth, meanwhile the people who live and operate the ship are of a lower caste.  We start off the series when Elder (the new to be leader, born and raised within Godspeed) finds a semi-thawed, unplugged Amy, a previously frozen teen who is there with her parents waiting in their frozen state, until they reach Centauri-Earth.  Someone is out to kill the frozen and it is up to Amy and Elder to find out who and why this is happening.  

Shades of Earth was released earlier this year and I don't really know how I missed the release date, but I cannot wait to get my paws on this read!

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