Thursday, April 18, 2013

Matched (Matched Trilogy)

Imagine living in a world where everything was perfect...or seemed perfect at least.  Nothing is questioned or second guessed and the streets are clean, there is no crime and your choices were made for you by the government.  What you ate, your education and even your mate, all pre-selected for you.  Ally Condie's Matched is exactly that.  This YA Dystopian novel starts off more in a Utopian society reminding me of Lois Lowry's, The Giver.  

Ally builds this idyllic world that houses Cassia's life up until her match banquet when the face displayed is that of lifelong friend Xander Carrow suddenly fades to that of mysterious Ky Markham. Swept under as a "mistake" or a rare glitch, Cassia can't help but wonder more about Ky.  As their relationship grows and they start to fall for each other doubt begins to seep into the mind of Cassia and she finds herself questioning the things that surround her daily life and the ultimate choice of Xander (the sure choice and steady friend) or Ky (the aberration, the unwanted, but the one who shows her a whole new world and challenges her like no other has before). 

Matched definitely has the love triangle, a society with secrets and the internal struggle Cassia and a choice...but what will she choose?  What is her destiny and what path will she uncover?

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