Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Anatomy of the Perfect YA Boyfriend

So we've all swooned over the myriad of YA Book Boyfriends and this summer will be no exception! So here is a brief look at The Anatomy of the Perfect YA Boyfriend:

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1. He's sensitive and so intelligent.  In fact, he often knows all of our needs in advance.  So tuned into what we need, even before maybe even we realize...and did we talk about brains?  This one opens doors (in our minds, not physical) we didn't know exists and shows us things about ourselves we didn't even know about!

2. He's got skills.  And by skills we're meaning like fighting, magic and/or supernatural skills!

3. He makes you laugh.  Oh the humor!  Where did that come from? How did he sneak his way into our hearts, oh that's right, he brought that smile to our face in a warm and soft kitten kind of way!

4. He's so patient we could die! We can seriously banish him and he'll likely come right back to us.  It's horrible really, but they're always waiting for us to come around and they always come back...they're good like that.  They can overlook our faults in a major way and see the very best within!

5. He's near unattainable.  Of course, he's wanted by EVERYONE and he picks us! The others, they ALL swoon over him, but he only has eyes for YOU (as it should be right?)

6. He has a papered often tragic history.  Parents somehow killed tragically?  Most often overcoming circumstances that would typically render him incapable of love, but for you...

7. Did we mention the CHEMISTRY!  Yes, that's right, the Feels.  There's just something about him that makes us tingle in our toes!  Sometimes we'll even find that that at first we feel passionately against him (He's so evil) and everything he is (pig)...or that you think he is.  Which leads us to...

8. There is ALWAYS more to him than you think! He is like an onion...lots of layers.  Often he will build up a facade to push people away or to keep them at arms length, but he has let us in and now we see him for what he is...PERFECT YA BOYFRIEND MATERIAL!

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