Monday, October 7, 2013

Hunted: Cycle Thirteen: Book 1

8; That’s how old I was when I found out I was special. I was given my rose quartz gem and taught about my past. 13; That’s how many times I’ve lived in this world. This is my thirteenth life cycle as a human. 1; That’s how many seconds it took to fall in love with Mike. It’s also the amount of time I had to say goodbye just before he was killed by Reggie, the hunter that’s been after me. Will Reggie succeed in killing me too, and eradicating the planet of the unicorn race forever?

Jill Kaelin brings to life a magical story that breathes air into the oftentimes overlooked mystical creatures - Unicorns, in her recent release, Hunted: Cycle Thirteen: Book 1.  It's true that we've all read the ever popular vampire, zombie and witch and wizard novels but take a moment to add to your ever-growing collection a story about a teen unicorn-girl name Skye has a great secret and reveals to us a unique and intriguing unicorn culture and it's traditions that will leave you absolutely breathless!

This was such a unique story that you can't help but fall in love for the characters and really fall for Skye's conundrum.  Kaelin writing style will engage you from the first page until the last and races us to through this fantastical story that you nearly wish would slow just to let you catch your breath.  This is an exhilarating and original story that you will certainly not regret.  If you're looking for something new, do yourself a favor and pick up Hunted! 

About the Author:

  Since elementary school, I remember being in love with words.  Spelling them, writing them, reading them…I even hang them up around my house.  I think I owe my love of language to my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Templeton.  I can recall sitting around in a circle in that old, red-brick school, listening to her read aloud Greek mythology.  The oxymoron there was that she was the most prim and proper teacher I ever knew, right down to the white buttoned up blouse held together at the collar with a cameo pin.  The way she read made words come alive.
  I had written a few things here and there throughout my life.  I used to think I’d be good at children’s books, and it wasn’t a far stretch since I worked with children every day and knew what they liked.  But then I read the series by Stephenie Meyer, maybe you’ve heard of it…Twilight.  This was the type of story I knew I had to write.  Teenagers were my audience.  It helped I had one at home to learn from.
  My idea didn’t come in a dream.  No, I wasn’t that fortunate.  It happened through research.  And lots of it.  The only criteria I had was that I wanted my story to be different from everything else out there.  I wanted my story to stand out.  No vampires or werewolves.  No witches or wizards.  Unicorns were my choice.  And I think the story that unfolded is definitely unique.

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Jill Kaelin said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Hunted. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
Jill xoxo