Monday, July 15, 2013

Slumber by Tamara Blake

For all of those that have a soft spot for the classic fairy tale retellings, Slumber by Tamara Blake takes on a darker spin on the classics.  Blake's beautifully horrific and intoxicating tale is refreshing in the sea of the all-too-friendly, fluffy fairy tales.  She does an excellent job portraying the mystical side as something more trecherous and really does show that everything comes at a cost.  This is definitely deeper than a light beach read, but certainly one that should not be missed.  Blake's writing style will lure you in and have you guessing until the very end and then hungry for more!  While we don't know if there are plans for a sequel to Slumber, we certainly hope there is!  

Summary courtesy of Goodreads:
Once upon a time, Ruby believed in magic… 
When Ruby volunteers to take her mother's housecleaning shift at the gothic Cottingley Heights mansion, she thinks it's going to be business as usual. Clean out the fridge, scrub toilets, nothing too unusual. But nothing could prepare her for the decadent squalor she finds within. Rich people with more money than sense trashing their beautiful clothes and home just because they can. After the handsome Tam discovers her cleaning up after him and his rich friends, Ruby has never felt more like a character from her sister’s book of fairy tales. 
Tam sees beyond Ruby’s job and ratty clothes, and sweeps her off her feet, treating her like a real princess, but Ruby is sure this beautiful boy is too good to be true. And as one tragedy after another befalls Ruby and her family, Ruby painfully learns that magic is all too real, and it always comes with a price.

Slumber, the ebook, is available July 16th 2013 by Diversion Books.  Grab your copy today and see if a happily ever after is in Ruby's future...

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