Sunday, November 9, 2014

For the Love of Books!

I may be late to the party by saying this but it seems a whole MONTH has escaped me!  I do promise more reviews to come!  Seriously this time!  To be upfront, it's not the reading that has lapsed...I have been reading so many EXCELLENT books that are slated to come either this fall/winter/spring!  We really do live in such an amazing world where there are such creative and imaginative writers at our disposal!  I truly am so THANKFUL for all these amazing writers/publishers/agents/etc. 

Lately (especially since it is the month of November) I have given some thought to those things that we really are so luck to have.  I challenge you all to think of one thing a day for the rest of this month that you are thankful for.  This is nothing hard or challenging but it is something that I think in our busy lives we often overlook or don't reflect on.  

So for today, let me say that beyond living in a world where we are spoiled with creativity and imagination, I am also deeply thankful for my family.  Now I don't have kids and my actual family is quite small, but I want to say beyond my immediate family I am thankful for my urban family (i.e. girlfriends, classmates, those that aren't blood related but that I honestly do consider family) and my bookish family (that's YOU)!  Thank you to you all, whether you are a fellow blogger, writer, publicist or a lover of YA that has somehow stumbled upon my little blog!  

Here's to a November filled with reflection of THANKS!

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