Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

In honor of our favorite Gryffindor, today's post will be in honor of the young wizard that started it all...HARRY POTTER!  Mr. Harry Potter who was marked with the iconic lightning bolt scar turns 34 today and I can honestly say that MY YA journey would not be complete without HP!  HUUUUUGE thanks to the wonderful J.K Rowling (who also has a birthday on 7/31) for creating the most magnificent world building my imagination has been able to roam in and creating such beloved characters that really nearly became real to me.  This definitely was my introduction to FANGIRLING and midnight releases and dare I say, even costuming.  So again, Happy Birthday to one character that has had a lasting effect on my personal reading preferences!

Now, what, my friends to do on this momentous day? Have you considered...

1.  Baking your own Happy Birthday Harry cake?  I love this cake and its imperfections. Gotta love that goofy and adorable Hagrid!

2. How about re-watching your favorite HP movie!  Of course my fav is #1!  Harry was so little and cute and this truly introduced us to the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter!  Gotta love the magic that was and is Diagon Alley!  Which is your favorite?

3. Re-Readathon the books!  Oh the books!  They made us laugh and cry and have heartbreak all over ourselves.  These books are worth their weight in gold IMHO!  Have you seen the new covers that are going to be released with artwork by Johnny Duddle?  *drools*

4. Have you seen the amazingness that is Harry Potter world in Orlando, FL OMG!  I went a couple years back and I have to tell you, the butter beer is AMAZING! The ride lines can get long, but oh so worth it!  Gotta pick yourself up a wand too!  AND...they just opened up Diagon Alley!  I need to get myself back there clearly!  Definitely a good alternative to the "happiest place on earth."

*Photo courtesy of AP

5.  And one wouldn't be the other without a visit to WB Studio Tour in London!  I totally did this a couple years back too and it was amazing.  Much more "Museum-like" but amazing none-the-less just without any rides. 

So what are you doing to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday?  Let the celebration being!!!!

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