Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things I have learned from YA Dystopian Novels...

So we've all been there...all fallen in love with the Dystopian Young Adult genre and what can we say really beyond the fact that everything we really need to know about life we have, in fact, learned from the YA books we have read.

For example:

1. Yes, the future looks bleak...if not nearly impossible.  Likely there will be a third world war or a horrid epidemic that will change the nation if not the world forever.  We will all live in little communes and be starving or on rations.  The economic divide will be HUUUUUUUGE.  There will be the small class of uber rich and the rest of us will live in poverty.  We might also lose the ability to pro-create.  Awesome. Ooo and let's not forget that there will likely be a sect of unnaturals (aka zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc).

2. To overcome evil, we will need to venture to hell and back.  Like every epic journey, in order to find our way out of this destitute state of being we will need to start our adventure.  We will, of course, be the underdog in this scenario.  That is understood.  We probably will have some hidden talent or trait that we will uncover mid-way through our journey that will most likely prove to be what propels us to victory.  And of course, this brings us to #3...

3. There is someone for everyone.  Yes, even you!  We, in fact, will probably meet our True Love on said journey.  Yes, yes...YA has almost guaranteed us that after realizing that we live in a horrible place and then starting our journey to overcome evil we will come across our love interest...or two.  Likely, they will fight over us and be polar opposites (i.e. good boy and the BAD boy...or maybe just two in numbers) that will be vying for our affection.  Some classic examples: Jem and Will (Clockwork Series), Peeta and Gale (Hunger Games), Edward and Jacob (Twilight), etc.

4. The bad guy is never dead...NEVER.  Seriously.  You might think he's dead.  You might think you killed him, but he'll re-emerge (possibly stronger than before).  Always expect him around every corner and seriously, consider the buddy system!  Two is always better than one.  This really should teach us never to burn bridges.  These things always come back to haunt you (the person themselves, their children, their children's get the picture).

5.  Until you die, this story is ongoing!  Never stop adventuring!  Your story is ongoing and you are ever-changing and ever-growing.  Always think outside that box and look to positivity.  We are the by-product of great YA novels and will accomplish greatness...just keep exploring!

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