Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Belgrave Daughter

Today, we here at All Booked Up YA are pleased to introduce our readers to Zara Hoffman's debut novel, The Belgrave Daughter!  Let me just start off by telling you that this book has it all (at least in my mind): magic, romance, angels, demons, Eeeee!  I won't lie, there are definitely parts where I could tell that this was Hoffman's first novel, but this is easily looked over because the core of her writing is amazing!  I CANNOT wait for the rest of the series.  This new author definitely has some major potential!  We here at All Booked Up YA are eager to keep our eyes on this one!

The Septemgeminus Prophecy states: "A powerful sorceress with blood laced in gold sevenfold shall determine the fate of the world." 
Fawn Belgrave's magical powers are the coveted prize in a bet between God and the Devil. 
When she meets Caleb, the dark angel assigned to seduce her, Fawn's life is turned upside down.

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