Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Meme Plague

For those of you who fell in love with Angie Smibert’s series Memento Nora, the saga continues with the third installation, The Meme Plague that released today, August 13, 2013.  The Meme Plague delivers some exciting new character development as well as resumes the quest to retrieve lost memories from the TFC (Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic). 

Let me start by saying that compared to Memento Nora and The Forgetting Curve, The Meme Plague does not feel as much the action packed adventure you might be accustomed to based on the other two books, which surprised me as this is the finale in the series.  That being said, there are key storylines that really come to the forefront and are highlighted that weave a web that altogether creates an amazingly interesting story that builds to a dynamic end.

Nora's parents are in a battle for custody, Aiden is attempting to create new chips that are immune to government programming but still pass the authenticity tests and our group of rebels are hiding routers all around the city to launch their non-corrupted internet.  Can these friends stop the governmental corruption and tyranny?

This is a great short read that is sure to entertain and engage!  Definitely one to add to your list! 

Summary courtesy of Goodreads
In this third and final installment in the Memento Nora series, Micah and Nora piece their memories together as Aiden, Velvet, and Winter continue the the work of the MemeCast. The teens all band together to get the word out about the new ID chips - and how the government and TFC are using the chips to manipulate the public remotely.

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